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we develop mobile games

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We are currently developing mobile games,
but are willing to take bigger challenges in future.

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iOS games

At the moment we are currently developing our games for iOs platforms. We love Apple products, this is why we want to deliver best quality software.

Android games

We have sucessfully launched 3 games for Android platform. We are getting closer to number of 100 thousand downloads.

Windows games

We are sorry that there is not a lot of games for Windows mobile platform, so we will release games for this platform too.

Our story

We are passionate gamers, sportsmen and developers.

We love perfection and fun, but also seek challenging projects.

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What we strive for?

To bring best possible experience and loads of fun to every gamer.

We seek to be one of the biggest IT developer.

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FlyingPet is the hottest new mobile game.
Test your skills by driving funny animals.

Why FlyingPet?

Not sure yet?
Take a video tour and then decide for yourself.

  • Hilarious animal characters
  • Superb helicopters
  • Many different stages
  • Tons of fun 4 all ages
  • Indie developers

Download FlyingPet here and enjoy!

*By downloading FlyingPet you are agree to our terms and conditions.

OreMiner is an addictive clicking
game for any age or occasion!

Why OreMiner?

Not sure yet?
Take a video tour and then decide for yourself.

  • Speed clicking
  • Great improvements
  • Unlimited fun
  • Awesome collections
  • Custom rankings

Download OreMiner here and enjoy!

*By downloading OreMiner you are agree to our terms and conditions.

Jenkem is funny game, but most funny part
of it is we got addicted to it too!

Why Jenkem?

Not sure yet?
Take a video tour and then decide for yourself.

  • Gain best score
  • Easy gameplay
  • Infinte ways
  • Challenging
  • Special features

Download Jenkem here and enjoy!

*By downloading Jenkem you are agree to our terms and conditions.

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We are constantly seeking young, talented and ambitious people.

UI/UX Designers

Young, creative, ambitious, willing to learn and to work hard.


Young, ambitious, willing to learn, work hard and teamworking.

Web Marketing

Social, creative, experienced, willing to work hard and teamworking.

New ideas

Have idea what role would you take?
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Our vision

We want to be one of the biggest company in IT/game development world.

We already are getting a lot of opportunities and bussines offers.

If you think you have good idea, contact us and we will reply.

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